426 rear sprocket

Anybody running a 52 rear on a Y2K 426 with a 14 front?

You Bet Don.

I have an 00 426 and am running a 14/52. I have found it to not only be the best combo for woods/play/MX but it really helps on the low-end & hills as well as the holeshot. (Not running a flywheel weight and don't plan/need to)

I know some folks like to stick with the stock 49 rear and just switch the front from a 14 to a 13 but I have found that the 14/52 gearing works best for most anything and I don't have to switch sprockets (I wouldn't want this setup for the desert or wide-open, but then again, most of what I ride is very tight woods and MX)

Hope this helps, :naughty:

stock is 49??:naughty: i thought it was 48??

The Stock gearing on a 00 426 should be a 14/49. I am about 90% on this. I'll wait for a 2nd....

The 01' is 14/49, not sure if the 00' is the same though (I bet $1 it is the same).

Stock is 49. I am just trying to decide between 51 and 52. I have an '02 WR and am looking for something between the WR 1st gear(tractor) and the YZ first(WR in 2nd). I ride mostly woods and trails, no motocross, so I am not going to miss the top speed.

Thanks for the info!

i ride nuthin but desert i run a 15 45

2001 yz 426 desert tank

i've been running a 12/51 set up for woods/hill climbing in pa but am going to a 14 front for south carolina. the 12/51 pulls like a raped ape and keeps the rpm's up even at slower speeds, which is great for tight areas, and still tops out at 72mph (according to a gps)

anybody running a 13/52? was wondering if that works for tight trails and motorcross beginner.

Im running a 13/49 on my 2000 426 and love it in the woods but wish i had more life on the track. I dont ride track very much, so i am going w/a 13/48 and leaving it at that.

stock is 49??:) i thought it was 48??

You may both be correct. In USA the stock rear sprocket for 450 is 48, but in Europe it is 47. If I remember correct the 426 also had one tooth smaller rear sprocket here than in USA. Jetting is also different, we have much richer jets in our european models. More oxygen here... :D

I ride Nothing but the Dezert 15/48.

Anybody running a 52 rear on a Y2K 426 with a 14 front?

I went from a 49 to 52 last month, but should have got the 51. It definatly helps with stalling if you don't have a flywheel weight, though the 52 leaves me wanting more down the straits.

I usually ride a 13/51 but picked up a cheap 12 tooth for the front and while it makes the bike very torquey, it is great for very tight technical trails. Overall I think I will go back to the 13.


I believe 49 is stock on the 2000. I run a 14/50 in the woods and like it but i've heard the 14/52 is a nice set-up.

14/49 is stock according to rocky mountain catalog

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