Bad News Bears!!!!!

well i got my 450 this weekend but it was not the yz450 i wanted...instead i got the crf450 so i guess i will not be posting here anymore. But to say the least i am very impressed with the handles great and is super fast. Its an 02 with lots of extra's and i am loving it. Well i might drop by once inawhile to drop a line and see whats happening in the yz world but until then i am out guys.

Let us know how much oil you burn and when you have to replace the top end.

Just curious if those rumors are true.

well i got my 450 this weekend but it was not the yz450 i wanted...

I feel sorry for you, who in the world forced you to take something you did not want... just tell us who it was and we will settle the matter and you get the correct bike you paid for. :naughty:

well i rode it this weekend and it seems to be a pretty good bike. although i would have liked to try out the yz450F but its all good. The crf is not as bad as i thought. I got to race a guy on a yz450f though......that made for a good race. Everyone cleared off the track to watch us race. it was rather cool. we had everyone's attention. He asked me how long i been riding and i said pretty much all my life but its my first time on a 4 stroke and he got pissed and rode off? was he mad? lol

Kris, most important is YOU like the bike because YOU will ride it, not me or anyboby else. Come back soon with a blue one though :naughty:

If it was a bad bike it wouldn't be popular. Congrats and have fun!

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