450wr vs. yz450f ?

I really don't understand the difference between these bikes. I heard the wr is the same as the yzf with another gear? Do the bikes pull the same? I have a 04 yz450f and I race cross country. So far this bike is great but would really like the light and extra gear . Is the suspesion the same and how much of a weight difference. Or just point me in the direction where I can find the info. Thanks much.

If you are racing enduro or desert than I think the WR is a better choice. Your right about the difference in the WR. WR stands for wide ratio, this refers to the tranny. The WR is better suited for longer fast blasts. Love mine. If you are looking at a newer one they also have e start, nice feature. Just my opinion. :naughty:

A few years ago I would have suggested to race the YZ.. But now the bikes have changed a lot and in the last couple of years the WR's have become very competitive in the off road arena. The suspension on the WR is more suited for offroad use, the YZ is a killer MX machine with closed course tracks in mind. Power delivery is important too... The WRs is smooth while the YZ is more abrupt and quicker, that kind of power doesn't really compliment technical sections as much as the WR does.. I love the transmission on the WRs.. Nice for offroad, but not so much for a track.. I would recommend the WR for anything offroad...


Is the power delivery is due to a heavier flywheel only? So I could change the flywheel weight and revalve the suspension and make it more like the yz? The cross country tracks I race needs real good suspension or else I get headshake and tend to endo alot if I ride "trail" bikes. An e-start would really be nice but just not falling would cure that :naughty: I have fallen in love with the power delivery of the yz but would love the extras of the wr. I'm just getting ready to trade my bike for a new one because I hate all the 2 year maintenance.

Is the power delivery is due to a heavier flywheel only? So I could change the flywheel weight and revalve the suspension and make it more like the yz?

Yes, the WR has a heavier flywheel and also don't forget the cam, the WR cam is more mellow to give you more traction when you need it. You could revalve the suspension to make your bike feel more like a YZ but the WR's suspension is no slouch.... They valve the WR to work better for offroad situations.

you can use the yz cam in the wr.

Other differences are the 18" rear wheel, more powerful lighting coil, quieter exhaust and puke bottle.

If you're doing desert type racing (going really fast in a straight line), the WR is a great choice. It really shines on courses that required 70+ mph. But if your racing involves lots of turning, you'd be better off with the YZ.

I did a 100 mile hare scramble a couple weeks ago, and during the third and fourth hour, I was regretting the weight of the WR. The extra 25 lbs was very noticeable in the trees and tight sand washes.

Don't get me wrong, I love my WR. But the YZ is probably a better choice for the tight and twisties and enduro length races. I'm actually going to buy a YZ this fall so I can have the best of both worlds. :naughty:

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