chain adj. nut size?

What size is the lock nut on the chain adjuster on the 05 450?

12 mm

Thanks. I really stripped mine..

TNL......yeah I found the same on my 04 model. It almost seems like a in between size. I rounded mine on my first change. They are a b!tch to get at as well. Not much room for a spanner. Ive just made sure I dont do them up so tight so it dosent happen again.

I know what you mean. Did the same thing with mine at the first adjustment. Later I tried a 10mm,11,12,13 and all non metrick sizes after the first adjustmentand none will fit now? Need to be right on the money every turn every time I guess?

Don't ask me...I'm told I don't understand how a chain is tensioned. :)

But if you did, I would suggest trying to find a 12mm Flare Nut Wrench. These are like a six-point box end with a slot cut in the end of them so they can be slid over a fuel line, brake line, etc., and still drive the flare nut on more than two opposite sides. You can cheap out and cut a slot through a 12mm box end, but the opened ring of a standard box will not likely be strong enough to avoid springing open and slipping. The jaws of a flare nut wrench are beefy and built for the job. In fact, if you use a standard Craftsman, you may have to grind the ends of the jaws just a little to get it to fit in next to the swing arm. I keep a Snap-on FNW in my tool box just for the chain adjusters. :D

Don't ask me...I'm told I don't understand how a chain is tensioned. :)

Yeah gray, I'm sure you don't... :):D

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