wr400 compression test and valve clearance

I did a compression check on my WR and got an abysmally low value of 100psi. Has anyone done this before and noted if the decompressor interferes with the test? If I went extra-easy on the lever the reading went up a bit.

The other thing Im running into is just how difficult it is to do a valve clearance check on this motor. the angle you have to feed the gauge in at seems to yield a different clearance each time! Does anyone have any tips for doing this? I have extra-narrow gauges I bought for doing this and theyre not as helpful as id hoped.. its the angle of approach on the bucket. Also I noticed the right-hand exhaust valve has a bucket that rocks a bit if you push on it. is that normal?

Thanks =)

I don't think you should be touching the decompressor at all. That is allowing air to escape out your exhaust pipe, and that is lowering your compression number. I know it will be hard to kick over w/o doing it, but you will have to find a way.

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