yzf carb info

Does anyone know if an yzf 426 carb and electrics would work on a 03 450f model? What are the main differences between the two? And also a 05 yfz (ATV model) carb, can this be used also with electrics? What would be the better one to use? Thanks

Why would you want to use the older carb on the 450? The 450 carb is a better setup IMO. A 426 carb would work, but you'd also need the 426 plastic carb inlet dealie-o. A YFZ carb is probably 98% identical to the 450 carb. I'd stick with the stock carb if I were you, but what are you trying to accomplish?

I have an 03 bike with no carb, there are 2 currently on ebay for sale and I was wondering if any could work

At least try and get an 01 carb, they changed a few things for the better from the 00. If it were me though, I would try and get an 03 or newer carb. You might also look into the Edelbrock Qwiksilver carbs.


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