Anyone Notice Difference in 756RR

Anyone try a front 756RR, any difference, last longer, better stick in the corners ?? Throw me a bone, im thinking of trying one out :)

Haven't tried the RR, but I really like the regular 756 front. :D:)

Ditto on the 756.

The RR is a great tire. I liked the 756 rr version even more than the regular 756. The tire felt like it had more grip and was more secure feeling.

The tire did not wear well, which it to be expected. Neither did any 756 I had used. I bought the tire from Rocky Mountain. The cost difference betweeen the regular and rr versions was 15.00. I can live with that. I woudl never spend an extra 50.00 for it.

I have the RR front and like it. Fronts don't wear that fast. I use the regular 756 rears.

Sweet, well im going to try the RR out, once my new suspension gets back !!! :)

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