wr 450. A PIG? dual sport pennsylvania

I owned a yz250 afew years ago, it ran OK.. I just went and took a wr450 for a beat and it is a PIG! I noticed the exhaust has a hole the size of a pea.. Do you get that much more power by taking it out? Will it run like a YZ without any $$$ mods? I want to make a dual sport out of it, that is why I'm looking at the WR.. Any help? How much (title, registration) trouble is there to doing this in Pennsylvania, anyone know? Thanks for the help, Chris

Uncork it, cut the throttle stop & grey wire, remove the baffle, remove the AIS, rejet and she'll throw U backwards with wheelies in 5th gear! :D Don't have a clue about Pennsylvania laws :)

thanks, i'll give it a shot.. what it an AIS??

AIS = Air Induction System...

It is some sort of emissions control valve. I think it adds air to the exhaust to lean out the mixture and cause any unburnt fuel to combust. Or something like that. The TT store sells a plug kit, to seal up all of the holes when the valve and hoses are removed, for $33.95.

The WR is a total joke when 100% stock. I rode mine for 25 miles the day after I got it and could not believe how corked up it was. Now, with the free mods, JD jet kit, AIS removal kit, YZ throttle stop screw, and PMB exhaust insert the bike must make more than 3 times the power of stock. Really...it's a huge difference.

im starting to get a better feeling about it now.. I know a 2 stroke 125 would give it a run for it's money the way it is now!! Thanks for the help!

Riding The WR400 on the road is better than sex if it's set up like the yz.. :) almost better :D

free mods, YZ Ex cam, pipe, jetting.......................yeee haaa

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