1st hare scramble


What class did you run in?

Ride fast-take chances.


"leaning towards the ktm 200 now, with the kdx a close 2nd"

Ride both bikes, and the KDX will become a very distant second. The little KTM is amazing. You'll love it.

senior c class, i got a dnf, but i did 1 lap in 1:06min put me in about 27th out of 39, not to bad for my 1st race.


Considering it was your first race with tight trails in the snow, you did alright. I remember that race in '01; rain and mud to the maximum with a deep water crossing. I FINALLY finished my first lap and seriously thought about pulling in the pits but I could not find the pit lane road and ended up doing the second lap too.

This year was better dirt but tighter trail. My new shock spring was the sh*t for my 03. I had to shortshift to keep the front wheel on the ground.

Good luck in your quest for a new bike. Tim (the other guy that was on the ice with me) has an XR400 for sale with stock and short suspension. I think he wants $2200 for the bike. You should make a deal with him and get the short suspension too.

Let me know if you are interested...


ultimate tight harescrambles guy, especially for us shorter guy, is a KTM 200 EXC.

I am 5'6" as well, absolutely love the bike.

it can be jetted/geared/piped/power-valved to fit just about anyone's taste.

going to Akeley for the weekend, 2 days of riding tight trails on the wr. there will be a race on the same trails on july 24, so one way or another i'll be ready, new bike or not

chad, come on up, you'll be able to fine us.

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