best place to find oem parts?

Well i have a 99' yz400 and i bought an extended fuel screw for it and when i went to put it on today i was checking over the carb and found that one of my throttle cables is starting to fray so im going to buy a new throttle cable assembly and was wondering where the best place to get one would be?

By far the best prices I found on line for yamaha oem was at I dont think their prices can be beat.

Just type "oem parts finder" in Google. WAAAY many results :)

Mrcycles Is The Lowest Ive Found So Far But Im Going To Keep Looking...thanks For The Info Guys

I did a LOT of research for my YZ cam, and the OEM store at TT had the best prices; I'd recommend at least getting their price too.

Thanks For All The Info Guys.....i Am Getting The Cables From Demoniracing For $20 Shipped...cant Beat That Price Anywhere

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