over heating 650l??

Hey guys,

I have owned my porker for 9 days now and have grand total of 49 miles on her. I am starting to get paranoid that she is over heating when I ride. My frame (next to the dip stick) is cooking hot and the bottom part of my gas tank is pretty hot. Is this normal? I mean how hot is to hot? Oil level apears to be fine. How can you tell when the bike gets to hot before its to late. I know its suppose to get hot but damn......I really dont want F-up my new bike thats all. Im thinking Im not going to ride until I "unpork" the thing.

Alright guys, thanks in advance for any comments or help :)


Why not ride by a dealer and ask someone to take a look?

Hmmm, could this be one of the few with an unprimed oil pump?

The frame up there will get up to 250F or so.


I would buy a dipstick thermometer ASAP. I have to get one still myself, but mine dont get that hot. I know 300 degrees is the cut off on the extreme end...so stay well below that as much as possible.

Being hot in that location is completely normal. The oil circulating through the frame of the XR600/650L is what cools the oil. Consider the frame like a radiator. It's going to get hot. You could get oil dip-stick thermometer (www.srcinc.net), but if your bike is not losing any oil, and not turning it black in less than 500 miles, don't worry about..

Also don't get the Acerbis 6 gallon tank, it restricts all airflow to the frame area right over the engine.

I just ordered a oil dip-stick thermometer from SRC, $47.00. I am going to use a infrared thermometer today. Let you know how it goes.....

Thanks guys!


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