YZ triple clamp offset on a WR

Has anybody out there ever done this? My understanding is that the angles/ offset are different and the YZ should have an offset that handles better. Right? Wrong?

I have the GYT-R YZ top triple clamp and the stock WR bottom clamp. I don't know if it made a difference cuz I made alot of changes at the same time. I guess you would need a YZ bottom clamp also to know for sure. All I know is I love the way this bike turns and overall, handles better than anything I've ridden.

My situation is similar to Simicas. I have a SPP top clamp (which is marked as YZ426) on my WR. If the geomoetry wasnt exactly the same the forks wouldnt line up with the tripple clamps properly.

The wr and yz clamps will have the same offset. You may notice a handling difference because the bars move foreward on most aftermarket clamps, but the offset is the same.

I did try a set of 22mm offset clamps on a WR 400. I felt like the bike turned much better. I never did take thsi bike to high speed so I would hate to comment on high speed handling.

I had a stock YZ top clamp on my WR (to mount a YZ number plate) and recently changed to an aftermarket one. There is no difference in offset or handling. Tag Metals does make a triple clamp set with 22mm offset, but you can't get an offset by simply changing the top clamp. It has to be built into the complete clamp set.

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