Is the Yz450F gonna be too much for me to handle?

I've been riding for about a year now, I have a ttr 225 that I'm selling, than I'm thinking about getting a 2004 Yz450F left over. I can handle the ttr 225 like it's nothing, im 5'9 and 190, so I know I'm going to tippy toe on all the big yz's...But is this bike too much of a jump from the ttr 225? Should I consider the Yz250F?

Yes, consider the 250F...the 450F, especially 03-04 models are behemoths.

I went from a '97 cr125 to an '02 YZF426. I think that's the appropriate leap. I got tired of the 125 real fast. I love my bike. I've ridden cr450's and yz450's. I love all of them. There are certain things i like better about the newer yz450's than my bike. But, I am very VERY happy with my 426. No matter what you careful on the gas, like everyone said. They're a lot more managable than 2 stroke 250's. Buy the 450 and record the smile on tape. I want to see it :)

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