Magura clutch adjustment?

Have a Magura hydro clutch on my 03 450f. I am not sure if it is setup correctly. When I pull the lever in, the rear wheel does not completely stop spinning. For example....start-up on stand.. engauge clutch... shift into first.. with the lever still pulled in, the rear tire is spinning at a decent speed and I am unable to stop it with my hand. I also notice that after warm-up the shifting feels very if the clutch needs to be adjusted...

Are there any adjustments I can make to correct this problem> Thanks :)

A certain ammount of drag is normal, sit on the bike in Ist gear with the clutch in does the bike want to move if you let off the brake, if not its ok..if it does some form of adjustment is required.....Gears feeling notchy when hot, is because the oil is thinner....ENJOY


I also have an 03 with a Magura Clutch kit. I thought I had the same issue you were describing with the wheel spinning when in gear, on the stand, and with the clutch pulled in. Try to hit the back brake and see if it stalls the motor, on mine the rear wheel will come to a complete stop without the engine bogging even a little. One thing I did notice was when I was in need of an oil change my bike wouldn't "feel" right, almost as though the clutch was slipping but now with fresh oil all things seem normal.

You might need to shorten the arm on the actuator shaft by 5mm. I bought the complete GYT clutch kit (which came with the shorter throw arm equipped shaft) for my 03. The Magura setup doen't quite travel enough for the stock length arm.

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