XR600 idle problems..

Recently bought an '88 XR600 and it seems to run fine most of the time however it doesn't idle very smoothly. After running at idle for a while it will cough and die without warning (easy to restart). Have tried increasing the idle speed which will help a bit but doesn't stop the problem all together. I've noticed carbon build up near exhaust so is obviously running a bit rich. I am new to the XR600 game so if anyone knows of any common reasons the old girl might be doing this I'd really appreciate the help..... Thanks.

Check the air filter, especially if it has filter oil on it, wash it out just to be on the safe side and reapply new oil(use plastic gloves tho....or suffer the dye getting everywhere). Then check the spark plug and clean/ regap or replace it. If its still idling lumpy then check the carb.....good luck! :)

The air filter is brand new (should have said earlier). It was the first thing i replaced. The head has just been over-haulled ( new cams, chain etc.) and the spark plug is in good condition. I have tried adjusting the mixture screw but have had no success. I have been reading other posts and it seems plently of people have problems starting their bikes but no idle problems. Mine will start first kick every time from cold with no priming and will run fine at mid to high revs it just wont idle for long.

Would an old stator cause this problem?? Would poor valve adjustment cause a problem at idle??

Thanks for your help guys...

Like the stand up. wish I could do that!

A buddy of mine had the hardest time getting his 600R to carburate.. He put up with it for years, trying different jets, etc... He discovered that one of the seals inside the carburetor was pinched at the factory and messing up his fuel-air mixture.. A carburetor rebuild kit fixed the problem; just went through and replaced everything. It went from being tempramental in different weather conditions to being a depandable monster, as it should be.

Does the mixture screw have an effect on the idling at all? I've seen cases where someone overtightened the screw forcing it into the hole and then breaking the end of it off by overtightening it. Just a thought. The problems I've seen with stators is also a point, by the way they die sometimes for no apparant reason, but they usually start very erratically sometimes right away sometimes after 20-30 kicks. There are threads here on proper resistance for the stator coil and how to check them on the 600r. Hope this helps.

I've got the same deal with my 1989 XR600R I rode it last night for the first time in a while, and it wants to stumble at idle and die . I ran the valves put in 93 octane but its still doing it .

I going to check my K&N filter and clean it , but it looked good , any more ideas ? maybe a new plug and carb idle screw adjustment.

Sounds to me like it could be the float needle. Check the carb out

it sounds like the main jet needle is wore drop the needle and see if that helps also try screwing the mixture screw in all the way if it still idles it is sucking gas by the needle and seat

if you raise the needle look at were the clips sits and if it is real loose i would say there is your problem replace them as ,a set needle and seat

Thanks everyone for their suggestions. I actually have the time this weekend to pull the thing apart and see whats going on!! I'll post the results

Thanks again...

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