Shifting notchy

I practiced last night and I was rideing my best of the season, but as I was jaming through the gears my shifting was getting notchy and I found that it did not want to shift under power. I only have one short ride on the oil? any tips would be great.

1st what kind of oil? :)

If you are using the clutch, you should be able to shift just fine. If not, it shouldn't shift under power anyway.

Notchy shifting is not uncommon in YZF's, especially newer ones, but it seems to me you've had that bike a while.

So, back to Dave's question; what oil are you running? Is it the same as you have been using, or did you just switch?

If you want to fix that and have seemless shifts under power.

Tear it down and micro-polish the entire transmission. You need a machine to do this. Send it out to a company like pro-circuit or factory R&D.

I needed to do this on mine. It would not shift down into first at full power while climbing a hill.

If you polish it you can tap the shifter and it will shift.

I am useing Amsoil?

Check your chain tension.

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