Stalling 450!

I have an '04 450 with a Rekluse and a JD jet kit that will cough and die. It seems to do it when the bike goes from free wheeling to back on the gas at low speed in the tight stuff. Very frustrating. I have adjusted the air screw and idle, bike revs fine in nuetral. No stumbling or bogging no matter how fast I blip the throttle. Any ideas? :)

My 426 had something similar. When I was up and down on the throttle a lot, It would become real easy to stall. Weird thing was, when I stalled it it was always hot, in the tight stuff, when I kicked it, it would light easy but stall again when I tried to take off. It would idle fine. I had real good luck with the Boysen accelerator pump cover. It helps prevent air in the Accel pump reservoir. I called them. They told me that stall prevention wasn't their main focus, but if I bought one and was unhappy, they would refund my money no questions. This and raising my idle slightly cured my problem. Is it hard for you to relight? Taken the bowl off and cleaned out the pilot? Do you ever foul plugs? Do you have mud gobbed up in the vent hoses? Motoman 383 has fuel screw/accel pump mods on his site. He decreases accel pump timing (he's working on a 426 though). You might take carb off open the throttle and time how long the squirt is. I think it's supposed to be 1.7 seconds. Do you have to use hotstart to relight if it's not dumped? If so, I bet your rich. I also called Zip Ty about a flywheel weight. They said if you aren't jetted right, a weight will make stalling worse, if you are, a mid size (10-12oz) would help. I love the YZ hit though. Good luck and let us know.

It fires right up, usually one kick. Never fouls a plug. I took the carb apart and cleaned it out real good. All the hoses are clean too. I do have to use the hot start though even when I don't dump it, so I'll try dropping the main one. It has the 170 in it that JD recomends. I ordered a Boyesen cover and it should be here soon.

Thanks for the info!

If your installed gap is correct, then you have jetting issues.

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