wr400 questions

I tried a search but no luck. I may have a smokin deal on a WR400 CA plated. Looks to be in pretty good shape, what should I look for? How do I see if the cam chain is loose, check the tensioner? Starts good, good compression, anything I should be looking for? I am supposed to let the guy know today? I am thinking of getting rid of my DRZ400S for it. :)

no quick and easy way to check the chain and tensioner without a couple of hours of tearing into the bike. Best to ask the guy if he has ever adjusted or checked the valves. The engines are fairly durable provided some basic, easy to do maintenance is done. Other than that, check for the normal dirt bike abuse signs. Ask is he has commuted on it since it is plated. Ask about his oil change schedule (the answer to this could be one of the most important points of information about what shape the bike is in). These do require at least 500 mile oil changes and if they are not done, bad things do happen. Other than that, see if you can kick it over without the decomp lever being pulled in. If you can and he has not hot camed it, then this could be a sign of very bad things (could be). I would make the trade if it is in good shape. You will not be disappointed!

Thanks Kirkw, It does not want to kick over easily without the compression release, I know the guy very well and the oil has always been changed, as well as low mileage and no major signs of abuse. Sounds like I will do it. Thanks again for the advice.

Check out the bearing all the way around, both wheels, swing arm, head set...These will give an idea of wear. Check the swing arm for chain wear or fatigue. And find out what, if any, mods have been done to the bike, write them down (I didn't and now I wish I had). You'll have great fun on the bike. Is this a straight trade or are you buying this? If buying, how much? I bought a plated 99WR400 in top condition in January for $3500, for a reference. Good luck.

I bought my plated WR400 for $2400 off Ebay, it's a bit rough looking but runs perfect. You'll love it compared to the DRZ, I have both and there is no comparison. Bearings is a great place to start. It should also start on the first or second kick if it's tuned properly. Good luck!

Wheel bearings are cheap so don't let that stop you from buying.

If you buy it grease the stering stem and and all linkage points.

check out the radiators to see if they are tweaked, and then look at the welds on the frame for missing paint, if the paint has fallen off of the welds, the frams is likely bent.

I have owned a 2003 DRZ400SE and a 1999 WR400F. I still have the WR but the DRZ was sold ASAP. Too heavy compared to the WR. I did all the free mods on the WR except for the YZ cam timing (cause I like a more even power distribution and low end torque)

My WR would tear up any of the XR or DR650's I have ridden never mind the 400's (I also have an XR400R, I love it but the WR would tear it up as well) The only bike that I have ridden that will take on the WR is the CRF450.

I stick to the top 4 brands (for parts availability) so I have no idea what a KTM or Husaberg or any other bike will do compaired to the 13,500 RPM 5 Titanium valved Yamaha WR Super Thumper. This bike thinks its a two stroke and is very convincing...

I got mine just because it was a street legal dirt bike. I thought the factory 200cc dual sports were too small for the street and the 650cc too big for off road. I had no idea just how technologically advanced this super thumping Yamaha was. I got it all corked up and was truly amazed at how it comes to life when you do all the free mods.

I don't understand why Yamaha doesn't offer a street legal electric start WR450 or 250 for that matter. Suzuki at least does the DRZ in a street trim. I would be one of the first in line for a Yamaha WR that was factory street legal, as long as it was able to be un-corked.....

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