CA sound regulation White Bros E-series

I have YZ 426 with a White Bros E-series muffler. I also have the useless quiet baffle insert thing. How many washers, or plates do I need to run to get it at 96db. I run 12 now for tracks.



I run the wb eseries on my 00 426 and there is no combo that will bring it down to 96. (at least not with mine) some use 4-5 disks but lose all low end. I know where you can get a used FMF Q for like $90 plus shipping if you want to quiet the beast down.

I have the same bike and I had to go to 4 disks and it passed. I ran like hell but it was better than packing up or paying the fine @ Holister.

Turf Runner

thanks for the responses. I'll try 4-6 discs with the quiet insert.

426Hurricane, Do you have any news or links on where to get that FMF Q from that will be much appreciated… :)

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