Need a WR450 Lowering Link

Looking for a lowering link for my wife's 2004 WR450F. Already lowered the forks about an inch. Prefer the link complete.



Try They are the only ones that I know that makes a lowering link for the WR/YZ Yamahas. Others may also but I'm unaware of them.


Thanks Jim,

I've already contacted them.

So...where the heck in S. Oregon are you?


BTW Jim, my whole family rode the John's peak poker run...our cards sucked! The ride was great. The trails were really mellow, really easy. I started on the C with the family (I have small kids) and ended up with faster friends on the A. All really nice. I just wanted to know who was dropping all the little saplings on the trail? Didn't slow anyone down, they were just wondering.


I live in Central Point. As far as the saplings go, :) I haven't a clue. I don't even know where the courses went :) . I just worked Tech inspection and then went back home :D . Too many riders on the hill for my taste.


Oh, you probably saw my wifes WR450. It was uncorked and we never had it tested before. I couldn't believe it 105db ! Since she's not that aggressive yet, and we are heading to the dunes in a couple weeks, I stuck the silencer back in ;-) I'm thinking they were bustin' folks for anything over 93 on the OR coast. Is there anywhere we can get it checked again before going over?


Which insert do you have in the bike right now? If it is the stock Yamaha one it will be very restrictive but will pass the dunes tests. I have the GYT-R insert in my 03 muffler, but I'm running an 05 WR muffler right now. I don't Think that you would have a problem with either one, or a PMB unit.

I don't know where you can get it re-checked before you go to the dunes, sorry.

I don't know which sound test station your wife went through. We had two. One down on the middle parking lot and the other one up by the sign-up tents. I was at the upper one. The loudest one we had was 102db.


We were at the bigger lot, the lower one just above where the road/trailhead splits off. Not the one where the riders meeting was.

We'll just try our luck and see what happens. Worst case scenario they tell her she can't ride until she quiets down.

Thanks for the info.


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