Zipty's "Lowering Link"

Boy that sure was a fizzle huh? They quietly turned thier lowering link into a "Miracle link" which does not lower the bike a single mm. The guy at the Zipty rep claimed that was never thier intention in the first place and we here at TT were all just very sadly misinformed... what a crock.


the way i interpreted, it was to make the linkage geometry on the 426's more like the new 450's. not lower or raise :)

Well, I think you were the only one who understood correctly then. If you check the old postings back in 2003 there are a gaggle of people talking about the "new zipty lowering link", "ONLY THREE WEEKS AWAY"!!! "Good news!!!" Blah blah.

Popycock... ok so now what about KOUBU? They didn't answer my email, so I can assume the person who said "they were now available for yamaha" was mistaken. Can't someone just make the DEVOL link out of something that won't break when you hit a puddle? For the price they ask it should already be titanium.


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