Tera flex II Gearing

Hi All,

I have been having problems getting my new monster tera flex II to fit in the swingarm w/o rubbing.

First I didn't have enough front clearance so I went to a 13 tooth sprocket in front. Now it barely rubbed on the right side if I made the alignment marks even....if it is slightly (3/4 mark) off....it will just clear.

If I have the chain off and slide the tire and axle all the way to the back it still rubs slightly on the right side.

So I bought a 120 link o ring chain to move the tire back and cut it down to 112 links (stock is 110). Now it is too loose so I reinstalled stock 14 tooth sprocket and now it is acceptable...just a tad on the loose side.

Maybe if I go to a 50 tooth rear(48 is stock) and 13 front it will still give me the grunt for dirt trails and be a little tighter?

Anyone else run into all this w/ their tera flex II and xr650r?

How much will this tire flex on the side....will the tire chunk first or will the aluminum swingarm get cut like a knife into butter?

Thanks, Steve

--- 13/47 is the best setup with a new 110 link chain. Your rim has

to be true and then pull the rim to the left by adding 1/2 turn on

all the left side spokes or a little more and it will work great. I

ran 14/47 with a 110 well used chain and it got the tire back to the

next mark past middle where the tera flex must be to not rub at high

speeds. At 90 the Tera flex will grow almost two inches. The XR650R has a real short swing arm to help in cornering compared to the XR650L.

Thanks...I was backward thinking when I said 50 on the gearing...47 sounds right. I'll give it a whirl. I read somewhere that the alignment marks are off on a lot of thr r models, but I'll remeasure to be sure it's true. :)

Do you know if the tire grows mostly front/ back and not so much to the side?

Being a heavy tire (five pounds heavier then most) it grows more then any other. The weight pushes out to the center of the tire as the wheel spins faster. Pulling in the sides as the centriffical force pulls the tire out. I ran my Tera Flex at 6~8 pounds so, this made the tire seem to grow more having less pressure pushing on the side-walls. Even twenty pounds doesn't help slow it down. This is a major big, heavy tire. Great tire for trail riding but, once you get that tire off the ground at high speeds it's a bear to control. The Gyroscopic effect pulls the back end side to side through the big whoops at race speeds if your just a little off. Best all around tire you can get! Just not a race tire. I run the IRC M5B for the fast stuff. Killer major tire and weighs 13 pounds insted of 18+ pound the Tera Flex weighs. The IRC M5B does not last near as long as the Tera Flex but, it's a race tire. Every tire has it's strong point and it's bad point's. The Tera Flex has more good points then most tires have bad points :)


Why dont you grab your dremel tool take 3 mm off the sides of the tire.

Then go with the stock 14 tooth front and change the 48 tooth out for a 50 tooth rear sprocket and use that 112 link chain you have. The bigger rear sprocket should bring your final gearing in line with what you had when you were running a normal size tire.

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