Any problems with 02 WR426F?

i have a 03 WR450 that got one of those shocking RED stickers so I'm putting it up for sale. i found a 02 WR426 that looks promising for 4300 with a bunch of extras. Any known negatives or things to look for when i go check it out?

Keep your eyes open for more '02 WR426's unless your dead set on that one bike for $4.3K. If it has a legal street plate, then it will demand signficantly more money than just a green sticker bike. I paid less than $3K in SoCal for a nice '02 WR426 that had ~800 miles on it, on its 3rd rear tire and it had some extras (hand guards, bars, aftermarket billet kick starter, DrD pipe, IMS Pro pegs, spare levers, spare jets, spare spark plug, user/service manual, service records and receipts). I tore it down, greased the steering head + linkages, etc and checked out certain tolerances in the engine and it checked out to be excellent. I had the luxury of biding my time since this was going to be another extra bike, but if you're in a hurry, then your deals are limited to what's in front of you now.

I think I got good deal being in SoCal, but I don't think I stole it. When I was looking for WR's, there were a number of them for sale in SoCal through the Recycler, Cycle Trader, TT, 4strokes, DRN, etc. Prices ranged from $2.4K to $4.8K with the typical price around $3.5K to $4K, but most of those higher priced bikes stayed for sale for the several months I was looking and some of the less expensive bikes looked as clean or cleaner than the higher priced bikes I seen. At the time I purchased our first '02 WR426, there were two other '02 WR426's located in SoCal that were advertised here on TT, both of which were advertised for less than $3K and they both appeared to be very nice bikes, one of which had more extras than mine. Keep your eyes open unless that specific bike is truly a good deal for you.

Thanks for the reply. He claims he bought it from a 48 year old that didn't ride it much, never raced it and kept it bone stock. He has had it 6 months and added bars, pegs, skidplate, padded seat, upper and lower triples, all new plastics, front disk guard, K&N, white bros exhaust and a steering stab which he said he'd remove and drop it to 4000 if i like. Oh and a new rear tire he claims replaced the original and he's throwing in all the stuff he removed. I've been looking and not much out there right now in my area (Corona) not stickered RED :)

Hello mate, If you can hear a ticking noise comming from the flywheel side it might be as simple as a worn woodruff key (keyway key) or could indicate big end wear. With all that said I have had an 02 426 WR for nearly 3 years and I think for the amount of abuse it gets they are bomb proof, just keep on top of the oil changes and it should go on for ever !! :)

Those 426 are simply great. Tons of aftermarket available form the YZf also. You can YZize this bike to the level you wish. The one you found seems a little pricey though.

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