CRT Filter

Anyone out there use the CRT reusable stainless filter. Just installed a new one on a WR 450 and it seems a little long. I tightened down the filter cover bolts as tight as I am going too, and it seeps enough that you can tell (tiny amount of oil underneath the cover) after a mile or two. The filter cover as you know has the prong that protrudes into the filter body, so I am fairly certain it is in the housing correctly. My guess, (hope) is the rubber gasket will form to the housing cover after some use and as a result the filter body will become thinner in the process and the leakage will stop. Looking for people who have used this filter, not those who have opinions on stainless verses paper, or CRT verses other brands of stainless filters. Thanks


First, make sure it isnt for the 400/426, I know they are a little longer and also make sure the rubber cushion isnt stuck in there from the old filter.

Thanks for the reply, I checked the container the filter arrived in and the part number is CRT000Y which states the filter will fit all WR 250s 400 and 426s as well as 2003-2005 450. The gasket was not left in although that has happened to me on a car oil change so I tend to double check. Thanks again for the thoughts.

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