glamis closing by thanksgiving?

i was on speedvisions site

and was shocked to hear that the feds are planning on closing this popular riding area, are we too late? has gore won even if he looses the election? you guys that have the pleasure of riding there please call your representitives get active for most of us this place is a dream, a riding heaven away from rocks roots and mud we hate to see you loose it cause we know we're next.

49,305 acres of riding area closed due to the dreaded

"...endangered Peirson's milk-vetch plant, a member of the bean and pea family...."

What a crock of excrement!

Standby boys, a movement to protect crab grass will break out next, closing off the rest of the US.

You can thank the lawyers hired by the Center for Biological Diversity, the Sierra Club, and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility for this outrage.

This should be a wake up call to us all to get involved with organization like the AMA and BlueRibbon Coalition on the national level and groups like the High Desert Multiple Use Coalition, Desert Vipers motorcycle club, San Diego Off-Road Coalition and California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs at the local level.

Take notice that this is just "the first interim measure'' agreed to by the BLM and those who filed the lawsuit, and more closures will follow if we continue to just sit on our hands.

I am surprised at the lack of responce to this huge problem. Looks to me that most everybody on this site, lives in Florida.

I live in southern cali and go to glamis every once an a while. they closed down 2/3 of it or about 75% of it. I talked to a blm ranger (the desert ranger) and he said they had to close it down because they were getting sued by an environmentalist. An order to keep them from going to court and probably losing all of it they settled out of court and that was the agreement. It is sad all of the places in California and probably all over the u.s are getting closed.

We have been fighting this for some time now.

You may have noticed a post about the BLM meeting at Barstow a few weeks ago. The post got little or no response on most boards.

This is part of the problem. Nobody has to time to get involved until it is too late.

If you want to stop this theft of public land go to Join the ASA and donate money to fight this in court.

We have to fight fire with fire. If the EcoWacko's sue to close land, we will sue to keep it open.

We ALL need to become involved with this issue, weither you use these lands or not they are still our lands. Also, there is a lot of discussion on this subject on the board.


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