I finally got enough dough to afford 17" rear wheel/tire/rotor/sprocket.



Looks pretty cool... :)

How do like the usd forks...?

hey how did you get ur bike to stand on its a magician???

hey how did you get ur bike to stand on its a magician???

:D:) No kidding!!

Hey what kind of front forks and triples are you using?

Looks great!! :)

Nice wheels :)

Bike is so well balanced, it stands on its own.. nah.. I just happen to miss the sidestand in the pictures..

The USD fork is from a Cannondale, with Applied Racing triple clamp for a CRF and the OEM stem pressed into the lower triple clamp. The lateral stiffness of the 53mm forklegs are very noticeble when bike is leaned all the way over.

I wouldn't take any high jumps with the USD fork setup, but it sure looks cool..

Here's a picture of the other side, the bike is not standing on its own.


i think you need a shorter kickstand. if you fart next to it, it would probably fall over.

i think you need a shorter kickstand. if you fart next to it, it would probably fall over.

Yeah, I had that same problem with my 650R tard, I never did cut it down though before I sold it.

CAT: Are those Cannondale forks Ohlins? Are they lowered internally, how about the rear?

Both ends of the bike have been lowered. The Ohlins forklegs revalved and oil changed to suit more track riding, the rear shock was has the oil changed.

Rear shock linkage have been changed to lower the rear end.

I'm thinking about cutting the sidstand.. but do I weld a small "foot" to the end of the stand?

If you don't mind me asking, what is this wrapping of the exhaust I'm seeing on some of these photos?

That looks fun! :)

where do you ride these motard bikes? They are obliviously not street legal.

By coincidence I was just looking at that bike on Advriders in the Thumper section!!!......sweet bike........

Street legal here though.....all thats needed is a small No plate a mirror brake/headlight and!!! tend to see all sorts of bikes wheelieing here with the majority being SM....!! :):D:)

The wraping on the header pipes are heat insulating wraps so the radiators do not get heat radiating off the header pipes.. and I don't burn my riding pants.

I wrapped all my header pipes on dirt bikes, just make sure they are dry before you put the bike away for long term storage, the wrap may retain moisture and rust out your headers.. if you have stainless headers, than that's no worry.

I don't ride my XR650R on the street, it's now my designated track bike.. not much top speed in the triple digits, but plenty acceleration out of corners and ground clearance that allow me to lean way over. With the lack of weight of the XR, I can just about run circles around the novice GSXR, CBR and R1s that show up at the track, those guys rarely get out of 2nd gear on the track, especially when it's a tight track with lots of hairpin turns, the XR is just awsome for those hairpins.


thanks for the info...............where could one find this heat insulating material..........might give it a try?

The toolbox on the 650 is kinda a lot of these guys carry their duct tape wrapped around their exhaust. :)

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