XR650r Tall seat

Who makes the best tall complete seat for the XR650R? I just want an all black with a cover not much grippier than stock.

the baja designs gripper seat is bad ace. i sat on one and i loved it. i got one on order.

Is that a complete seat?

SDG make a complete bolt on seat, but I didn't care for it when I tried it, although other people like it. I now use the Guts tall foam with their competition seat cover and I'm very happy with it. Installation is easy with a heavy duty stapler and especially easy if you have an air stapler :). You would not like the competition seat cover because it is signficantly more grippy than the stock seat cover, but Guts offers other seat covers as well.

I have the Baja Designs tall seat foam and seat cover. It's really comfortable. It says "Baja Designs" on each side but it's made by "Guts Racing."

Just go to the www.bajadesigns.com online store and search for "xr650r" and you'll find 'em.

Plus if you load your shorts with baby powder you can ride for 200 miles without getting "monkey butt." :)

no its not complete. you have to but the foam and the cover seperate.

...Plus if you load your shorts with baby powder you can ride for 200 miles without getting "monkey butt." :)

Speaking of monkey but, did you know somebody actually makes an anti-monkey butt powder :)

Check this out :D:D


Yeah I saw that in Dirt Rider magazine.

Someone on TT mention that CORN STARCH worked too because BABY POWDER is corn starch with perfume added.

Either way, my butt likes it... :)

I have the SDG tall gripper seat, Its all black and comes as a complete seat... :)

I have the Moose seat. It comes complete and is all black with the exception of a small Moose logo on the top rear. Very comfortable.

Do you have a picture of your bike with the Moose seat on it?

I'll take a pic and post it in the next day or two for you.

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