yz400 vs yz400

Ok heres the deal, a relative of mine thinks his old 1978 yz400e 2 smoke will out run a more modern yz400 4 stroke. i rode it and it is a very quick bike. Hell, its even quicker then my friends yz250f. But would it conquer a modern thumper? That is the question

10% bike, 90% rider...

My guess... the 400F will probably pull away at first, but in a straight line drag the 2 banger would probably come out ahead eventually. On a track, my money would be on the 400F due to the newer suspension etc. making it way easier to carve around the track on.

You guys should have a go in a straight line, its quite impressive, the old 78 YZ400 leaves the YZF behind, but on a track the modern YZF will run rings around it.

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Well, I have had both. I used to have a very nice 79 yz400 and I also own a very nice 98 yz400f. I think my 98 is faster than the 79 was if I was to drag the two. My 98 yz is pretty freakin fast wfo and will cover ground like a rocket in a straight line. It is also geared 14/50 and has a full fmf exhaust on it too. My 79 was waaay powerful and probably not much slower. The advantage seems to be that the 98 is just a little better at keeping the power in the max and eating up ground. Believe me, that 79 yz was a powerhouse. I had a brand new cr250 and it would out drag it in a race, they are very fast bikes. I have pulled a couple of holeshots with it. I raced it for fun a few times and I let my friend run the same class with me on my cr250. I passed him uphill on that 79 400 wfo and he was haulin on my cr250. You can out drag it in a race if you are at the top of your game. If you so much as flinch that old yz400 is going to stomp some ass and roost like crazy. Don't underestimate that beast, I miss mine dearly.

There was a guy on here said his YZ426F

would just barely take his buddys old 490 in a drag.

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