Q: Number Board

Hi all,

Has anybody ditched there front light and changed it for a YZ front number board, if so is it easy to fit, ie doe sthe Electric start get in the way etc etc etc.

Thanks in Advance


Ive been wanting to do the same thing, i heard you just have to smash the wires down a little, and it should workout just fine. let me know how it goes cause i wanna do it too.

I've done it on my 04 wr250 and it fits ok. You'll need a couple of ty-wraps to hold it on at the bottom (I put a couple of holes in the lugs holding the locating pins and then had the ty-wrap wrap around the lower clamp - that will make sense when you look at the number board) and I also had to relocate the on/0ff switch as it stuck out too far for the board to sit square. I undid the bracket on the top clamp (it has two holes for each of the top clamp bolts) and just mounted it vertically using one of the holes instead.

If you look in my garage you'll see a pic. It doesn't show the fixings but I think it shows that it works ok.....

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