What is the max speed of a WR?

Hey Geoff, sounds like you're in my neck of the woods if you raced in the Nasty Wench.

My WR topped out at 86 on the cement. I can't remember which wheel size I plugged into my Topeak but it may very well be off.


JJ - 99 WR; WR timed, stock jetting, Scotts stabalizer, Scotts triple clamps, Pro-Tapers, Terry Cable Hot start, MSR Raptor clutch lever, Moose skid plate, Works frame guards, Acerbis Pro Rally guards, Renthal MD-soft grips, Russel speed bleeders, Factory Effect graphics, YZ rear fender

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Depends on gearing. 100MPH when geared up higher according to a few modified WR owners on the forum.

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One of the dirt bike mags tested all the bikes for top speed, weight , etc. They radared a stock WR400 at 90 MPH, with the throttle stop and exhaust restrictor out. The same bike dynoed out at 43 HP. The xr650 went 100 MPH!!! The YZ426 went 72 MPH I believe.

My Australian WR400 with stock gearing which is 15 - 50 over hear has been up to 180kmph on the stock speedo (about 110MPH). I dont know how accurate the speedo is but I will try run it against a car and find out. This was on a slight downhill road. I have had it up to 175kmph on a flat dirt road. Even if the speedo is 10% out it would be close to 100 mph so the guys doing 80 mph must have lower gearing or a fear of hitting something.


When I bought mine it had street tire, stock canadian muffler, wr timing, top air cover removed and 16/45 gearing (stock is something like 14/51). I got easily 100mph on the speedo. Now I have dual purpose tire (mt21 and dunlop 606), yz timing, megamax 2 with quiet core and 6 disks and I can reach 155 km/h on speedo. Bottom line, top speed is not a problem with a bike like this that can do real good dirt performance!!!

My gearing is stock (USA) and I hit the rev limiter at 90 mph measured with a GPS.


I have seen 100mph on my gps on the expressway. This is with 15/46 gearing, yz timing, W/B muffler. Not bad for a nearly stock WR400. I have been beat by XR650R's down the expressway, with gearing changes I think they will go about 105mph.


Stock (99 WR USA model)with 14/50 I get about 87 before the rev limiter. With 15/50 gearing I hit approx 92mph with 15/48 or 15/47 about 100mph.


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