want to trade?

i have an 03 Z400 with some mods.i am looking for a dual sport in the 400-650cc range.i live in gloucester MA.

-pro taper high bend se bars

-k&n w/uoter wear

-holeshot xct w50% rear and xct front w/95%tread

-galfer wave rotor in the rear w/new pads,both have 3 hrs ride on them.

-dg bumper

-new axle bearings with a custom zerk fitting in carrier.

-have a spare 04 swing arm which i will be installing

-new chain and sprockets 3hrs

-dg fat series a arm/rear skids and suzuki chassis skid 3hrs ride time

-ac pro pegs w/itergrated heel guards(good ones)not installed yet, N.I.B

-thats all i can think of at this time

ohhhh comon,


i viva la honda !

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