When should I change the oil wile breaking in??

Got about 3 hours on the bike and it runs great can’t wait for this weekend. Anyway my friend had about 4 hours on his last night so we changed it and the filter and it looked a little bad but not nasty so should I wait a little longer??? What about the oil strainer that was a pain in the a%$ :) so should I clean mine?? Other than that my only complaint would be first gear and no 5th gear suspension seems a little stiff or is it just set up from the factory that way?? Going to put my paddle tire on tonight after a little ride and then it’s off to the dunes does anyone have any tips on changing tires??

I changed my oil directly after break in, about 1 hour of running time. Since the oil has never been changed before it is a good idea to go ahead and have a look at the strainers as well. I thought pulling the strainers was a pain too but after you do it once the next time will be easier. It is always a good idea to change out the factory oil after break-in. Do not be alarmed if you see extra amount of residue or some metal in the oil after break-in, unless the metal is in big chunks or shavings. It is common after break in to get some junk in the oil, like asymbly lube and some metal. I would change the oil and put another filter in if it were my bike.

Change your break-in oil at 3 hours. Be certain you also clean or replace the filter too, especially if this was a rebuild. There will be shop towel lint, chunks, break-in debris, etc. in the filter.

Then change it again in 3-6 more hours, then go back to your normal interval (you were changing at 10 or less, right?)

Thanks If I run 20-40 that should be fine right??

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