Skid plates

Can anyone recommend a skid plate for an 05 wr450? :)

I'm looking at the one at Utah...I like that one. Thanks for the help. :)

I have the E-Line carbon fiber skid and it's a pretty nice piece. It wraps up the sides enough that it shields the oil line very well.

Utah :) . Great Fit, stout as hell, well made, end of story...SC

I just bought a Utah for my WR400. Stout as heck - looks like it will really do something, not just look pretty. I bought mine from Rocky Mountain. This link is for your bike.

I guess it's unanimous. Utah it is!!! :D Thanks to all for the help. :):)

Brp Brp Brp!!!!!!! Go to and check their stuff out.

New with '05 WR450F.

Whats the problem with stock Skid Plate ? :)

Thank you

The slide plate between the front frame tubes is plastic and it is supposed to protect the oil lines behind it.

OK, incredible that kind of mistake !!!

Thank you

New with '05 WR450F.

Whats the problem with stock Skid Plate ? :)

Thank you

The stock glide plate doesn't protect the frame rails at all. At less than 150 miles on my bike, I've already dinged the frame tube on a rock. :D

I also bought the Utah plate based on the recommendation of the guys here on TT, and I must say, the fit and finish are great. Plus the "wings" provide much better case and water pump protection than the stock ones. I just installed it, and am lookin' forward to getting a good field test in--maybe Saturday. . . :)

I didn't think the stock glide plate was good for much anyway, and I am very impressed with the fit of the Utah plate. It is better to have it and not need, than to need it and not have it!!! Know what I mean? :)

I just bought a Utah plate too for my YZ.

1. Suprised by how lightweight it is. When I got the box I was thinking, damn they forgot to put the plate in...they didn't.

2. Fits securely and is very protective.

3. TT'ers are the best source of info going. :)

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