98 YZ400 Engine in YZ426 Frame

Hi guys, Can anyone verify if 98 YZ400 Engine can fit into 2000 YZ426 Frame and if any mods have to be done.



yes but which radiators and carb are you using. The 2000+ airbox does not have the stock 98/99 fitting for the remote hot start but the 98 head will have the cast inlet. The radiator shroulds are different because the radiators changed (have to match up shroulds to radiators you are using. Motor itself fits fine. The Tydavis hot start can be a solution although if you have the 426 carb you will just need to seal the opening in the 98 head.

I want to use 00' YZf426 Radiators & stock 98 YZf400 Carb

What was wrong with the 426 engine? Did someone lie and tell you the 400 motor was faster? Whatever the reason, It'll fit no problems.

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