So, who still rides an XR600?

I too would keep the 600, or better yet, get a later model 600. I think these bikes are way under-rated in terms of bang for the buck. If the xr650 had electric start, I would go for it, but it doesn't.

My 1998 was the first new motorcycle I ever bought.

This year I decided to start racing cross-country in the AMRA, and I joined the Rockstars Motorcycle Club.

I know my bike is a tank, and most ride Yamaha 450's or KTM's, but I'm riding it until someone makes a V-Twin 350 with electric start and FI. period.

I maybe waiting awhile-but the XR still rocks!

Whats wrong with the currently availiable 450 v-twin estart?

97 XR600R Dual Sported

87 xr600R Rode last weekend.

i JUST traded my '98 XR650L on a 2003 YZ250

dam talk about adjustments!

the weight was the only problem with the pig, its just too dam heavy and some of the tracks etc, i was taking it on was abit unnatural for a 650 lol.

but man u get a bark with a good pipe, nothin like it eh.

I started on real dirtbikes with a '94 250L that I liked pretty well, but it didn't have the guts I thought I wanted. You really had to wring it out to go fast(and I did). I sold that and picked up a well-used '92 CR250(after deciding against a CR500 :applause: ), rode that for a couple years, then sold it for what i paid. It was light, fast, and oily. I decided to get away from 2-smokes and settled on an XR600 since it was the most power I could afford. I'm glad I did. It has the vesatile torque and handling I was looking for fits me better(I'm 6'4" and was marginally too big for the CR). Sure it weighs 50lbs more than my 220lb all-steel CR250, but you don't really feel it if you let the bike do the work.



I bought a 2000 XR600 that is plated in michigan. My dad has an 86 that is plated, and my uncle has an 87 thats plated as well. The looks we all get when riding through towns (all having supertrapp Exhausts) People hear those things comming from a distance

I still have my '89, that I've had since '89. It's been a great bike.

I still have my '89, that I've had since '89. It's been a great bike.

I just refurbished a blown up '89.I hope I can say that in 18 years as well.

I still have my '89, that I've had since '89. It's been a great bike.

You know that is such an awesome story.

No other brand have built such a legendary bike and no other brand has such loyal supporters.

The XR6 is the king of offroad bikes

It's funny cos I will never sell mine now. I'm going to keep it. I often wonder what it will be like in another 10 or 20 years!!!

Ive got an 85 XR 600 and the thing runs great! Plenty of power and loads of torque. It will go anywere and do anything. :applause:


I bought a cherry '85 XL600 last month. Road legal here in Massachusetts (a big deal) and in great shape.

Following the advice of the gurus here on TT, I bought used XR600 forks and a XR600 rear shock. I will install new springs in the forks and a set of emulators.

Since I am 6' 6" I will lower the pegs a tad, make a new taller seat and raise the handlebars (have the seat and the ROX risers).

With the new (taller, beefier) XR front end and the taller XR rear, do I have an XL or an XR?

Only the trails, whoops, and rocks will tell for sure.

I Love My '96 Xr600r. Its Street Legal, But Still Hits The Dirt. It Starts On The First Kick And Hangs With All My Boys, One Of Which Rides An Xr650r. He Loves My Super Soft Seat. Honda Built The 600 For Thirteen Or So Years Without Changing It. That Should Tell You Something. Believe It Or Not, Alot Of 650 Parts Are Interchangable With The 600. I Live In Vegas, And The Only Problem That I'm Working On Is Keeping The Oil Temp Below 250 Degrees. Other Then That You Got A Sweet Bike That You Can Make Badass With Some Money, Or Just Ride The Heck Out Of It. Oh, That Whole Being Heavy Thing. Don't Crash It.

Mine's a "Work in Progress." Not long after I bought it this Spring, it developed piston slap; so I'm adding a 98mm 11:1 Wiseco. Started like this:




Barrel and old piston. It was egg shaped. :D


Forged Wiseco. :crazy:



I have two, a 1991 and a 1996, the 1996 is the one I ride a lot and is supermotoed at this point. But I am going to untard it soon. I am trading a guy my SM wheels tyres and brakes for his stock stuff and some money. So the money I get I am buying a ricky stator stator and dual Baja lights and some other stuff. I am only 5'8" and ride mine at stock hieght but will probably also lower it when I switch it back to dirt mode. Mine is plated in the state of New MExico where I live so is a blast on the street. Id not sell it for a 650R because of all the problems I have heard about them and since I have NEVER had one problem on either XR600R, Im sticking with what works.

'94, in the process of 'tarding it. Dual-sported and plated.

Spending way too much, but learning a ton along the way. :crazy:

I have a 1996, all tarded up and it rocks, see my garage it's there!

I have a 97 XR600R. Love my BWP! :crazy:

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