clutch lock nut removal

I am in the midst of tearing down my motor and saw (on this forum) that I should change a clutch guide on my 00' 650R. Got the part but can't get a nut off to do it. Do I have to buy the tool the manual talks about (clutch center holder) or whatever it's called? I know what your thinking, this guy just shouldn't be doing this stuff himself!!! Your right I'm just broke! Thanks!

You can make a tool out of an old clutch plate and a piece of scrap metal if you have access to a welder, or an impact wrench will spin it off pretty easy, just be sure to bend back the metal tangs on the safety clip first.

I put the bike in 1st gear and wedged a wooden rod between the rim lock bolt and the swingarm (under the rear brake line). This stopped the motor from spinning so I could use an impact wrench to take the clutch retainer nut off. I didn't feel good about putting the stress on the tranny, but I did it at work and my bike was my transportation home. I had it torn apart and I wanted to get it done. The nut actually came off pretty easily.

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