con-rod kit vs rod on its own.

After managing to break 5th gear on my '00 XR650R, I figured I'd better stick a stage 1 cam, high compression piston and a carrillo rod in while everything's apart.

Only I'm having a bit of a nightmare finding a rod kit. There's one place in the UK that sells them, but the prices are a bit steep (I think it'd work out at US$530!), and I was hoping to do better. I can get the rod itself, no problems. The bearing's easy enough to get too.

But the crankpin and thrust washers are proving a nightmare.

Any recommendations of where to get a complete (either carrillo, or I hear falicon are meant to be good too??) con-rod kit?

I've sent an email to rob @ barnums.

Am going to send one to xrsonly, although they don't list one on their website. I've got a nasty feeling that xrsonly won't ship to the UK anyway - had that problem with them before.

Anyone else worth trying? :)

Thanks in advance,


Xr's only's kit runs $179.95, and shipping should'nt be that bad, but if you find other kits post the info (yeah I need one to :-) )

In the end xrsonly wouldn't even respond to me, so I went with the Falicon kit from Rob Barnum's shop.

More expensive than xrsonly would have been, but a lot less than their sole importer over here.

I used to get my Suzuki 1150 roller cranks done at Falicon, excellent parts, great work no problems.

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