Should I buy an 02 WR426?

Actually it is for a friend of mine. I have an 02 WR 250 but am not that familiar with the 426. Throwing this out to you "grown up thumper" guys to see what you think. The bike has 28 miles on it and is box stock. Absolutely no mods. Has been ridden about 3 hours total. The price is firm at $3700.

Good price?

Anything one should know about this bike before buying?

Thanks for the help!

Excellent bike, slightly top-heavy. Bought my 02 new last spring for 4400 otd as a leftover.

My uncle has an 02 WR 426 that he is now asking $2900.00 for. Its nice, has tons of mods, but lots more hours. Travel could be arranged. What part of Wahsington are you in?

I'm in Vancouver. Let me know more details. PM me if you would like.



That's sounds like a great deal! I got my new 04 for 5000, OTD, I thought I got a steal

Buy it and treat it well, it will then treat you well. At least you will KNOW that it has not been SCREWED UP by someone lacking smarts or money.


Do it!

Totally go buy that thing RIGHT NOW! You'll enjoy the heck out of it...

Like the others said: BUY IT! $3700 is a GREAT price. Out here in CA 01 and 02 in mint condition are hard to find and when they do come up they go QUICK! I have a 01 and it is AWESOME! It is absolutely perfect - almost feels like Yamaha custom made the bike just for me.

guys, anyone knows who is willingly to part the engine?

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