01 WR426 Neutral Switch

What is the purpose of the Neutral Switch? And can it be removed without any problems to the bike?

After seeing your post I'm wondering the same thing, doesn't look like it does anything. I go to MMI and am in the electrical class right now, I'll ask my instructor about it on monday.

Netural switch I didn't know 01 WR even had one. I have never tried to start my bike in gear with the clutch out but maybe it's not possible because of the switch. That's all I can think of that it's there for. I start in gear with the clutch in all the time.

I wonder if it is tied into the TPS system or ignition system in some way?

Acording to the wiring diagram in my manual four wires come out of the nuetral switch and go into a connector then only one wire comes out and goes to the CDI. When you push start your bike you are starting it with the clutch out so that rules that idea out.

Wouldn't a neutral light be cool? bling bling

My understanding is the purpose of the switch is to limit the advance curve/rpm when in neutral for noise emission testing. As for using it for a neutral indicator it's been done. Basically all you need is an LED and a diode. There have been several posts on it. Do a search.

Zip-Ty racing sells a neutral switch replacement plug that emininates the switch and wiring for about $15. I've had one on my bike for years and have had no problems. IMO, it's just one less thing to break.

I asked him on monday but forgot to post until today. He said it was probably there to limit the advance when there is no load on the engine, but PBDBLUEs answer sounds just as good.

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