what's a 03 WR450F worth?

I bought a 03 WR450F a couple months ago for $4999. It was at a dealership ridden by the owner for 101 miles. She put on a duel sport kit, renthal bars, FMF pipe/muffler, did the throttle stop mod and through a dealer plate on it. She claimed 1/2 the miles were street and half trails. When i picked it up they had just done a fresh maintenance on it (oil, filters, adjustments etc). It has a few scratches on it but other than that is in perfect condition. I've only had it out once and put 18 miles on it. I only ride local forest trails once a month or so and they have strict red sticker so I want to sell it and get a green sticker bike (wish i'd done some reading before i bought, figured all 4 strokes got green)

Any advise on how much $$ to sell it for?? :)

If your bike is dual sported with a valid plate you should be able to ride year round.

Is your bike dual registered? I have a 01WR426 with a plate and a green sticker. If I wanted to I could get rid of the green sticker and just run the bike with the plate. But then I would have to have all my dual sport stuff on my bike at all times to really be legal.

No plate. The owner of the dealer put a dealer plate on it but never registered it :) From what I've read, 03 and up don't have a prayer of getting plated in CA but can in Nevada! Stupid air board! The 05 WR450F gets green due to the AIS system they added and there is already a kit to remove the AIS......what do you have then? my Bike!! :D

I have an 02 WR426 and It has a green sticker.

NOt to hijack this thread at all, but if buyggd had a plate on his wr would that mean he can only ride on the streets? Or with the plate could he ride on and off road?

According to Kelly Blue book under RETAIL the bike is worth $4225. Kelly lists this bike as a "dirt" only under their headings.


I found a dual sport kit but not sure if it's the one you have for $180. http://www.procycle.us/main/dskit.htm

The renthal bars probably $70 for the 7/8.

The Renthan bars I found for $900. https://www.fmfracing.com/products/catalog.aspx?CategoryID=283&ItemID=044134

For a grand total of $5375...I'd say you did damn good!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. "If" I could get it plated I could ride street or dirt because if it were plated it would mean it passed CA emission standards already.

Thanks hambone. The duelsport kit I have is a bit nicer but the exhaust is about a 350 or 400 unit. Guess I'll list it for about 4700 once yamaha sends me the pink and see what happens. I'll not too far from Vegas (about 4 hours) so would be a good deal for someone in that state, they can get it plated.

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