Dumb question about quiet core insert - which end?

I feel a bit dumb, but I've never taken a titanium 4 pipe apart. I'm going to a national park where it needs to be quiet and also have a spark arrestor. I'm working on getting the spark arrestor...

I did buy the FMF quiet core insert... so my question. does it go in the front or the back of the canister?

Thanks for all your help.

Hey have any of you had a park ranger check you for a spark arrestor? how do they check stamp or stick up your pipe (so to speak). I'm going to red rock.. and not too worried about burning rocks down. But I do want to comply with the law.

I was thinking about putting in a fine metal screen myself and save the money for the spark arrestor that is being sold for over $50. Any thoughts on that?

In the end of the muffler I just did my Q and it has pop rivits holding in in and a little silicone Use the FMF Premier Multy-Layer Packing It's the best it should last a long time The only bitch is it's $40.00

If you dont have the USFS approved stamp on the silencer for the spark arrestor, it wont matter what you use. You'll be given a ticket and made to leave.

Have you learned this from experience?

I've read a lot where they just push a stick up your tailpipe to see if it has that. Plus, I know it's hard to read a lot of the writing on older exhaust....???

No experince on my part just from reading about it on here. No one cares yet in florida until you get a ticket for doing something else. We usually send the nazi's out your way. :)

The screen that came with the powercore4 on my kids bike was a oval bowl shaped screen. It, and the quiet insert both get stuffed under the endcap.

I would think our red glowing headers might be more of a fire hazard than a muffler 3 feet in the air :)

Either way, I got pulled over by a park dork ranger last weekend and got scored on for not having my offroad regy. He was so excited to dot me for that, that he didn't bother looking at my muffler. :D

Word of advice. Get a REAL s/a and proper offroad registration. You know, since Al Queda is running around willy nilly and the Mexican border is wide assed open the US gummint mooks are really doubling up patrol efforts in our national forests so that our homeland security is very protective.... :)


Never read it put quite that way. But them dumbasses are really dumbasses sometimes.

Word of advice. Get a REAL s/a and proper offroad registration.

my bike has not been registered, if i did register it, i would have to pay sales tax on a 4100 dollar bike when i register it(ive heard its utah). Ok now thats around 250 bucks and a registration ticket would be 40 bucks and i cant ride my bike where i want, i say the registration can kiss my ace. Im not going to pay all that money. The only good part of registration is if my bike gets stolen (i park it in my living room, its not getting stolen) they could help me find it.


hah, well crap dude if your illegal to begin with go ride as though nothing matters. It's just like the cops on your azz, they'll make you twitch if you feel guilty. :)

Don't know about Utah but here in California they have checked me for the whole ball of wax....Spark arrestor with a screen, and yes they do poke a metal pointer down the end of your pipe :D to see if the screen is secure, USFS stamp on the pipe and here we have green stickers (a bunch of BS).

I would not take the chance, just buy the approved and correct insert or buy a used pipe with an arrestor. It isn't worth the hassle, especially if you have planned a weekend trip and drive a *#@*load of miles to get there. Again speaking from experience. :)

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