Yellow bodywork

I have seen a few guys with yellow plastic on latemodel YZs but can't seem to find it myself.

Any info, help, pictures of your bike would be greatly appreciated.


Here is some pics of mine:

2000 426

3.3 gal yellow Clarke Mfg Tank ($

One Industries Hurricane Kit/includes all graphics and plastic shown except for side panels ($

Acerbis side panels ($

One Industries Techno Grip seat cover. (I had the seat cover put on by an upholstery shop for $25 so they could get it nice and tight on there.)

Need any more info, let me know. The photos really speak for themselves.

Beautiful ride, that is exactly the look I want.

You have made my day, thanks.


Thanks bro,

Since the photos I put on some Moose Racing barkbusters w/black plastic handgaurd thingys, that looks pretty mean, and sidwinder tri-metal rear sprocket with nickel finish chain. Im set and very happy w/it. Get me access to some good land to bowhunt whitetails up there where your from and I'll give you my 426.

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