YZF 426 Versus YZF 450

Haven't had a chance to compare back to back a 426 against my "04" model 450.

I own a 04 model 450 and my mate owns a 426 01 model. He seems convinced his 426 will be quicker.

I have read that Yamaha has said the 4 speed 450 has the same top speed as the 426 5 speed. Can anyone confirm this?

Which of the two bikes is more aggressive in power delivery? Which would win in a head to head drag?

I have owned both bikes. I really don't fell how my 450 is that much faster than the 426 in power out of the hole...but it is. I think the 426 had a higher top speed, but I never see that on a MX track. Head to head off of the line...my money is on the 450 to the first turn. The 450 shines in the fact that it is so much lighter and handles better than the 426.

I would have to agree with Wyatt, I consider my 426 fast, but in the handling and weight department, the 450 has the upper hand. Newer technology has the 426 beat, of course you know that the rider makes the difference when on the track. :)

I've got an '02 426. I've never been beaten into the first turn by a 450 of any brand. But you gotta keep in mind it's 10% bike, 90% rider. I've ridden a cr450 and an'04 yz450. I'm not saying it just cuz I own it...I HONESTLY like the power delivery of my 426 better. When it comes to weight, the newer yz450 was a bit lighter and more maneuverable, but I'm just fine with mine. One things for sure, when the price goes down on the '06 aluminum frame 450's, so lond 426 :)

Well, let's see, one is 15+ lbs lighter, and has 1.5-2.5 more horsepower....You figure it out.

The YZ450 geared stock, compared with a stock geared 426 gives up about 5mph on top to the 426. Mine's geared two teeth higher, and the top speed is the same. It hits the rev limit in 4th at 90.7mph on pavement.

Nevertheless, it's still 90% rider, and a YZ426 is nothing to sneer at.

Whoa...almost decided to hold onto my 426 there for a second..

I've never been beaten into the first turn by a 450 of any brand. :)

Wow...thats one hell of a holeshot percentage. Wish I could say that.

It's no bullshit. I've only been racing for a year or so. I'm sure it will happen sooner later. I'll have to except defeat. I've been beaten by two stroke 250's, even a 125, but never a 450.

I see you are in TX....where do you race Kizzle. I am in the Conore/ North Houston area as far as tracks go.

I'm sure a lot of you guys on here could beat me. I've been riding for 10 years though, so don't count me out too fast. Wyatt: I live in Waco and I ride at Burleson MX, Whitney(when it's open), and Village Creek. My home track is the Waco Eagles Club home track. It's a good beginners track with some really wicked tabletops and doubles. Next time you come through here, PM me and I'll give you more info. The website is http:/www.geocities.com/wacoeagles . Go there and check it out to learn more.

Seems like there are a lot of guys on here that are closer to the metroplex area than to Houston. If any of you ever get toward Houston, Three Plams in Conroe has really turned into a great facility.

Sorry if this thread got Hijacked.....

I've heard a lot about that place. I went to the website after one of our members went there. Next time he goes I'm going to throw my bike in the trailer and come along. Should be in a month or so...after our next race weekend. I'll PM you to see if you're goin.

I had both bikes for a while and did a few comparison tests. The 450 will beat the 426 every time.

I have owned the 426 and ridden 03,04,05 Yz450F's.....in a drag race...it's whoever is the faster rider...on the track the 450's win. However after 4 months on the 250 smoker, even the 450 feels like a pig now....plenty of torque but it feels like a flying brick.

i raced an 01 or an 02 426 labor day weekend last summer and I had him up till third gear when i missed a shift and he got by me but other than that i think i got the holeshot but the bikes accelerated at the same rate. we raced again but he jumped the gun on the launch and as soon as i got going he never pulled away from me nore did i gain on him so i think they are pretty well dead even.

Does anyone know if the power has been mellowed out on the a 04 YZF 450 campared to the 426's?

I know the 05 450 has been mellowed out. Well thats what everyone seems to say.

I would not say the 04 is mellow in comparison to the 426's. In my opinion the 04 had the best YZF engine to date.

The '03 and '04 were essentially identical engines except for the fact that the '04 came with the GYT-R racing flywheel, which added 5oz. They're neither one of them what anyone would call "mellow".

Sorry, mellow is probably the wrong choice of word. It is a known fact that the 426 are tyre shredding machines with very aggressive power delivery. Was just wondering if the 03, 04 450 they tapered off the aggressiveness a little to give it more traction to the ground? I know they did this with the 05 model compared to the 04 model.

I currently have an 01 426 and a 04 450. The acceleration times seem fairly close, the handling goes to the 450 no questions asked, as well as the suspension. I do kind of miss that fifth gear though...

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