Light Speed carbon fiber frame guards

Anyone else fitted Light Speed carbon fiber frame guards to a YZF 450 04 model?

I fitted some last night and have found on the break oil reservoir side the larger bolt that you have to romove that connects the main frame to the rear frame that supports the rear fender/airbox is not long enough to re screw in once the frame guard has been positioned. It seems a bees d!ck too short. Anyone else have this problem? Did you just source a longer bolt. It would be nice to use the one that is already on the bike for the head is nice and rounded resulting in the head of it not pocking out.

Mine came from lightspeed with longer bolts. The bolts are hex head but they are slightly countersunk so I have not had any problem with them catching my boots or anything.

Thanks for your response Mike.

Did you use the bolts they supplied for both sides or just the break pedal side?

How do the guards hold up to scratching from the boots?

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