Remember my Clutch Problems??

Thing you Guys remember my previous Post about "Killed 4thclutch" .

Now my MX Shop changed Clutch Basket , Pressure Plate,ClutchPlates Oilpump and what ever, but after 6 Laps on a Track in fair conditions the Clutch cover is hot as hell.

Oil gets way to much temperature. and that kills the clutch.

There is definetly no slippery clutch now, propper oil and oilflow is ok.

So any of you guys got an Idea what happen inside the engine to heaten up that oil that much?

Could it be an early ignition??

I`m realy pissed now after spending hundrets of Euros and that damn thing still won`t run.

Thanks for any advise


It's normal for the cover to be hot to the touch after a hard ride, don't forget the motor and tranny share the same case. If things are getting way too hot then the clutch might be the culprit, not the victim. What oil do you use (be specific)? If it's got additives in it that are not clutch friendly then that could easily cause your clutch to slip. How often do you slip the clutch while you ride? Try riding without slipping the clutch at all. Did the shop also change the clutch springs?


Yes the Shop changed the Springs also.

That Oil I use is the same oil all of Team Top Speed use in their Thumpers also.

That Team rides copetitiv in MX And Harescramble races.

Nobody of them have any problems at al with that Oil, so I asume it is ok.

I did not use clutch very often and did not slip it ot of corners so that could not be the problem too.

I think there is maybe one oil hole inside the engine locked or closed or what ever i have no idea.



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