looking for a radiator????

Has anyone had to replace the radiator on their pig yet. I did the China Hat ISDE a couple a weeks ago and about 13 miles in I tried to split wood with my radiator. Somehow the radiator gave. I am only finding the fluidyne for $399 our there on the web. Or what do you know about repairing these. I punched a 1 inch hole in the very bottom left corner, not the coils.

is that rariator metal? bring it to aradiator shop.if you lived neer me i would tell you exactly the guy to bring it to.

Sorry to hear about the mishap, But from the sounds of it you could get it patched............ :)

What side do you need? I have an extra set and a half as spares for my race bike. I'll part with the extra left side if you want. It's not perfect but worked fine.

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