Hey guys

sorry for the nooby question,

Just wondering if i was to change the throttle stop for the 05 wr450f if that will void my warranty. I don't blame u if u bag me out - cause i would if i was u. but i don't want to waste all that money and i stuff it up lol. neways later days dudes.

I don't think it would be a problem. But that depends on the warranty you have. A throttle screw is a must on this bike don't let your warranty scare you.

Did you buy an extended warranty? Most offroad bikes only get like 30 days anyway.

I doubt it... but your warranty is only 30 days anyway so if you're that worried about it wait until the 30 days is over and swap the throttlestop.

Chances are if the bike dont fly appart in the first hour or so of running that the warranty wont be nessesary anyway. All a 30 day warranty is good for is some numbnuts at the factory forgetting to tighten a cam cap or something big that'll grenade the bike in the first 20 miles.

Cut that throttle stop and start yanking up the front wheel.

i have the extended warranty on my bike from chapparal motorsports here in so.cal., they said as long as they do the work, it wont void the warranty, so when ever i buy something from exhaust-throttle screw-the ais removal kit etc.., they do all the work for me, but i guess i might get kinda special privleges since my girl has worked there for 10 years.

i have the extended warranty on my bike from chapparal motorsports here in so.cal., they said as long as they do the work, it wont void the warranty...

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! What they told you is ILLEGAL under the Magnussen-Moss Consumer Protection Act. A dealer absolutely cannot void the warranty if you do the work. If you use the same parts they use and save money doing the install yourself, they MUST honor the warranty. In essence, they are extorting money from you by requiring you to use their shop and pay their labor fees. If you do the work with the proper parts and something goes wrong, they must prove, in a court of law, that what you did caused the damage. The burden of proof lies with them. If they don't do this, they must honor the warranty. Furthermore, if you are found to have caused the problem, the parts of the bike that aren't effected are still covered.

This all came about because car dealers would not honor warranty work for totally unrelated modifications and/or the use of aftermarket parts like oil filters, oil, spark plugs, etc. A dealer used to be able to tell you they wouldn't fix your motor because you put in an aftermarket stereo or used a Fram filter rather than a genuine GM filter. Chaparral is violating federal consumer law and can have their business license yanked. The best part is however, that most service managers are completely unaware of this law and when presented with it and the threat of losing their biz license, you can actually hear their sphincters slam shut. How do I know this? I have a heavily modified street bike and pick-up truck and have had to invoke the Magnussen-Moss thing personally. Don't take their shit and slam it to them...SC

yea, i herd about that, but i get a % off of the parts i buy, and they do all the work for free. so im not really losing to much. its just a hassle having my girl drive my truck with my dirtbike in the bacl when i need something done, i mean i could do it, but i dont have to...thanks for the info though.

Good grief I doubt if it voids the warranty- due to the fact the have a tech manual that describes EVERY one of the free mods in detail, to include pictures- I had them make me a copy of it and took it home and did the stuff myself- Yamaha endorses the mods for off road competition use only, so ...

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