Make my WR426 standard


I have just got a 2001 WR426 and i want to put it back to standard. ie.jet sizes and needle position.

Is there any web sites i can get info from.


wont or want?

Maybe do a search here.

Where in Oz are you Sam?


According to the Yamaha parts website:

Main Jet: 165

Pilot Jet: 42

Starter: 65

Main Air: 200

Pilot Air: 75

Unknown on the needle position, but the stock needle is a #DRR. Of course, this all for a US bike so who knows if it'll work for you. Good luck...SC

Thanks i have a look.

Also the top of the air box is missing should this matter

AND im find it hard to start i just cant get a good kick its killing my foot

wishing i spent that bit more and got the 450

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