cant post replys and stoneyford ride


Can't post reply's, however I can on the KTM site, same name and password, Anyone else with the same problem.

Stoneyford boys:

Hey boys, I will attempt to make on Dec 30th. Last ride for awhile. I am having knee surgery on Jan 9, torn lateral maniscus tear. I have been complaining as you all know , now realty has set in.


The snip is easy, but relax, don't ride, pack the boys with ice and a jock strap and drink some beer. I made the mistake of deep sea fishing one week after my snip, my buddy Manny hit every wave he could to beat me up, and the boys were in pain. Don't risk it on the bike, trust me on this.

I will let you all know next week (after xmas) if I will be there.

see ya\


Mike same trouble unable to post.


Mike it worked that time maybe it's fix?

Mike I went back to the stonyford post and it won't work,so i'll start a new post.

Carig i got you post glade you can make it,we will do the upper lake trials lost of fun.


Well thanks for all the great advice guys "go no problem" -- "don't go you'll regret it." Now I'm really a DEFINATE-MAYBE! However, the thought of hitting a log and rolling my freshly incised "bearings" up the tank makes me want to scream like a girl. Since discretion is the better part of valor (really its that I don't want to be known as "Moaning Joan") I will probably have to pass, but I will check with my Doc and see how I am feeling.

Mike, I really wish I could go since this will be your last ride for awhile. Good luck with your knee surgery and stay away from those soccer balls you maniac. I'll be in touch with you by e-mail to see how your doing.


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