oil in stator side?

Am i correct in assuming that there should be a little oil in the stator/mag side or is it supposed to be dry???



XR650R = dry

XR600R= wet

ooh boy would that mean a blown seal on the crank? what would that entail??

oh s$%t...

i've also heard that about table spoon is normal but cant remember where i read/heard it???

I put my shifter through the the case of my 650L, to find a pile of oil expelling out as well. This forum taught me that MANY XRs are wet stator. Not sure about 650R, but the engines are quite similar other than a tad more compression on the R. Both dry sump lubrication, but am not sure if the ignition is the same. Hmm, how much help am I?

On the 650R it's dry. When I rewound my stator there was a little in the bottom, maybe a teaspoon. I wiped it out, (about a year ago), and when I removed the cover last week to get TDC during a valve adjustment it was still pretty much dry. A very small amount is probably no problem.

Just my two cents.


Winkel, why not move the kick starter to find TDC rather than taking off the side cover?The allen screw in the side case has a notch that lines up with the spot on the flywheel. :)

Don't worry about it. That tablespoon will keep things from rusting. :-)

Seriously though, the stator cavity sucks oil through the seal when things cool off. Once you've had it apart a few times you'll never get a tight enough factory seal to get the problem anymore.

SRC sells an overpriced breather tube meant to cure this. Don't bother........

Winkel, I'd pull the cover too. It's a PITA to time this thing through a hole.........


I started to pull the plug, but the damned thing was so tight I thought I'd strip out the allen head. It only took a minute to remove the cover, but when I was done I got the plug loose. I'll do that next time, but it was my first valve adjustment, so I wanted to be sure about the position.

Winkel :)

thanks for the info guys and haymaker love your site!!!

rode the pig in the piute mnts above jawbone-seriously tight single track, technical, heck never got it out of 2nd gear, but was amazed how well this thing did, probly better than me

lost about a 1/4 cup of coolant

I love my piggie!!!

Winkel, why not move the kick starter to find TDC rather than taking off the side cover?

I find it easier to put the bike in 5th gear and spin the back tire with your foot, while you peer into the check hole for the flywheel mark. :D

<Edit> Make sure you spin the wheel the right way.


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